FSMB (The Board)

The Board’s role is outlined in the 2019 Fraser Salmon Collaborative Management Agreement (FSCMA), in the FSMB Terms of Reference and in a growing body of protocols and procedures which FSMB has been working to develop. The board holds formal monthly meeting, with additional focused work conducted at task group meetings in between.

FSMB’s work is supported by the Joint Technical Committee, which consists of 5 DFO and 5 FSMC reps. The DFO and FSMC JTC co-chairs attend monthly FSMB meetings, as do DFO and FSMC support staff who assist in implementing FSMB decisions.

FSMB’s work is guided by its annual work plan, which is developed and implemented collaboratively. The FSCMA also requires FSMB’s Independent Chair to produce an annual report on progress in implementing the agreement.

All board decisions are by consensus.

FSMB members:

  • Independent Chair: Marcel Shepert
  • Thomas Alexis, FSMC Upper Fraser
  • Pat Matthew, FSMC Mid Fraser
  • Ken Malloway, FSMC Lower Fraser
  • Tony Roberts Jr, FSMC Approach
  • Jeff Grout, DFO
  • Linda Higgins, DFO
  • Al Magnan, DFO
  • Duncan Stephen, DFO
  • Matthew Parslow, DFO

Annual Reports

2023/24 Annual Report

2022/23 Annual Report

2021/22 Annual Report

2020/21 Annual Report



JTC Review of FMI memo – See also JTC memo on the JTC webpage here: https://frasersalmon.ca/joint-technical-committee-jtc/

DFO Response Letter – 2023 MSF Pilots

2023 Fraser Summer 52 Chinook – Rationale for Decision

ATTACH 1 – 2023-07-13 – Chinook Management Actions

February 2023: FSMB Update — Fraser Sockeye & Chinook

August 2022: Fraser Sockeye Management Recommendation

Implementation: 2022 Fraser Sockeye FSC Increase


2023/24 FSMB Work Plan

2022/23 FSMB Work Plan

2021/22 FSMB Work Plan