The FSMB JTC is a Tier 2 group of designated technical staff that are intended to support the Fraser Salmon Management Board and the Executive to find solutions to make consensus decisions that support the collaborative Governance and Management and conservation of Fraser Salmon at the migratory route scale. The JTC is guided by an Annual Work Plan that is reviewed and approved by the FSMB. The FSMB provides the JTC with management direction, including identification of technical issues, questions and management evaluation frameworks.



Purpose: To transparently and collaboratively review, examine and assess data and information related to Fraser Salmon and provide advice and recommendations to the FSMB on items relating to the Annual Work Plan. Advice and recommendations are to be supported by consensus where possible. However, alternatives are described when consensus cannot be reached.

Direction: The JTC reports to and works under the direction of the Fraser Salmon Management Board.

Structure: Equal number of representatives appointed by FSMC and DFO. Currently, there are Four FSMC technical members and Four DFO technical members. Participation is funded through the FSMB. There are two co-chairs, one from each of the FSMC and DFO.

JTC Members

Chair/Co-Chair: Aidan Fisher, FSMC & Mid Fraser

Chair/Co-Chair: Brittany Jenewein, DFO

Shamus Curtis, FSMC Upper Fraser

Nicole Fredrickson, FSMC Island & Marine Approach

Michael Staley, FSMC

Marc Labelle, FSMC Mid Fraser

Madeline Thomson, DFO

Brooke Davis, DFO

Kaitlyn Dionne, DFO

Maxime Veilleux, DFO


JTC Review of FMI memo

JTC Review of 2020-2023 MSF Pilots