2022/23 Work Plan: Aug 2022 – March 2023

Project Deliverables

  1. Engagement & outreach/relationship building
  • Individual debriefs with IRMA reps:
  • Questionnaire/launch announcement to help ID priorities (IRMA aspirations, needs and priorities & how best can we help within our mandate).
  • Invite IRMA technical staff to partner in collaborative technical work.
  1. Dialogue: Focus on networking, cross learning and brainstorming solutions
  • Dialogue series, starting in Fall 2022.
  • CRRI guest presentations, e.g., 2023 Forum & other venues.
  1. Focused technical investigations: addressing priority questions
  • Technical task groups to help address priority questions.
  • Research assignments to address specific technical questions, prepare discussion documents and backgrounders.
  • Initial topics: Project protocols to access, use and protect indigenous knowledge; Summarize existing chinook rebuilding work & how best to build on it.
  1. Information sharing: technical resource center
  • Technical reports, findings, updates sharing results of the above work.
  • FSMC Main Table, FSMB & JTC Briefings
  • Explore options for a CRRI database, online resource library.
  • Explore CRRI networking/interactive tools: contact lists, chat forums

Outline: 2023/24 Work Plan

  • Wrap up & report on technical work assigned to individuals & task groups.
  • Continue outreach, information sharing, building collaboration.
  • Explore Web portal/virtual resource center & interactive tools.
  • Final wrap up Forum to share findings & seek advice to shape final report.
  • Draft final report & recommendations; formal BC SRIF project reporting.

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FSMC is grateful for funding support from the BC Salmon Restoration & Innovation Fund, which makes this work possible.