At an Assembly in November, 2015, the Main Table received consensus approval from FSMC Member Delegates for a Mandate to negotiate with DFO. Following this, Council Resolutions from over 75% of member nations approving the Mandate were sent to the Main Table.

Current negotiations will result in a Concept Paper that will cover:

  • Development of collaborative decision-making processes, structures and resources.
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities for Fraser River salmon fisheries management.
  • Linkages to other processes.

It’s important to remember that the Mandate to negotiate is just what it says it is. Any agreement must first come back to the FSMC member nations for their approval by Council Resolution.

The FSMC Negotiation Team performs it duties as provided by a Main Table-approved Terms of Reference. Members of the Negotiation Team are:

  • Brenda Gaertner, Lead Negotiator
  • Victor Isaac, Island/Marine Approach
  • Dominic Hope, Lower Fraser
  • Tina Donald, Mid Fraser
  • Thomas Alexis, Upper Fraser